Data where you want it,
when you want it.

The best data is what works hardest for your business. You can make timely, data-driven decisions when your critical information is easily accessible and readily available to you. Getting it in the right place to be available to you at the right time hasn't always been easy – until easy.forward™.

Find out how you can transform information into actionable data.

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Say goodbye to data entry.

With easy.forward™ Managed Capture Services (MCS), converting your information into actionable data happens without the aggravation or the expense of data entry. easy.forward™ enables data capture, classification, indexing, storage, retrieval and export of paper documents and content – with no data entry required. As a cloud based, paper to digital solution, all you need to do is scan, email or drop your digital documents into the easy.folder™ we set up for you. Once it's in the folder, we do all the heavy lifting needed to capture the specific data you need.

HOW easy.forward™ WORKS


Submit your files by placing them into your easy.folder™. Scan your paper documents, or drag and drop emails, e-faxes or other electronic files.


easy.forward™ transforms the records contained in your easy.folder™, capturing, validating and keying to create searchable documents via indexes.


We format the data for delivery and you are notified as documents become available. You can then access and collect documents with the ability to print, email, download, export and import into your enterprise system. That's it!

You may monitor the entire process through real time dashboards, with status, notifications and compliance to your Service Level Agreement.

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Safe, fast and accurate.

We've built easy.forward™ with multiple layers of security and proactive monitoring to ensure that your valuable data is protected every step of the way. Turnaround times can be as fast as 2 hours, depending on size and complexity, and easy.forward™ technology captured documents are up to 99.9% accurate.

Is it a Value?

It sure is. YOU choose the package that best fits your business needs. There is no software to license. There are no implementation fees or maintenance costs.

Moreover, easy.forward™ provides 99%+ accuracy, timely data availability in as little as 2 hours, plus workforce flexibility and scalability. As a result, return on investment often exceeds 200% in the first year!

Say goodbye to data
entry and get your
data working for
you today!

About Scan-Optics

Scan-Optics is the "paper to paperless" company providing document management solutions and document processing outsourcing services. easy.forward™, our managed capture service platform, enables the capture, classification, storage and retrieval of documents using browsers and mobile devices anytime, anywhere.